Muru - The AI Music Brain™

Muru is an AI Music Technology company. We are a team of Musicologists, Data Scientists, Engineers and DJ's who have combined our diverse knowledge and experiences to create the AI Music Brain™ that will drive the future of personalised music experiences.


Automated Song Categorisation

300,000 new songs are uploaded to the web everyday. The music is uploaded to the likes of YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud in the hopes to be discovered. However, the reality is that less than 1% of that music is classified with the right genre - that leaves the other 99% without the right information to be discovered.

At its very core, the AI Music Brain™ powers song categorisation and a hyper-personalised music experience. It automatically categorises and tags any digital song in seconds, allowing  100% of those new songs to be instantly ready for recommendation and discovery. This also enables a music experience personalised like never before.


To become the song categorisation technology that powers all music experiences, across every platform and device.

With the AI Music Brain™ as our core technology, we are building the next generation of voice activated experiences for consumer brands that integrate music as part of their offering. These sectors include: connected devices, automotive, hospitality and more.