Muru Music is an AI technology company, creating the future of personalised music.



This is the music industry’s deepest secret: of 300,000 new songs uploaded every day to platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud, less than one percent will be automatically added to the correct music genre.

Artists and labels count on genre categorisation to help music find an audience and build a following. But most of the music uploaded every day will never find the right audience. Until now.

Our AI Music Brain™ powers song categorization and personalized music experiences. It automatically categorizes and tags any digital music track in seconds, allowing 100% of new music to be instantly ready for recommendation and discovery. This also enables a music experience personalized like never before.


To set a new standard for personalised music experiences. To give every song and artist the opportunity to be discovered. To give companies the opportunity to integrate hyper-personalised, branded music experiences into their products and platform.