We've combined deep learning and A.I. with the fundamentals of DJ-ing to solve the problems of Classification, Recommendation and Discovery.



More than 20,000 new songs get added to streaming services every day. Classification is still a manual process so we miss out on an incredible amount of music. Not cool!

We've automagically solved classification, so streaming platforms can provide better recommendation and you can easily discover ALL the songs you love!


Creating your own playlist is very hard and time consuming.

With Muru you can create your very own playlist in a matter of seconds. Muru thinks like a DJ so you don't have to. Pick your favourite artist or genres and every time you press play, Muru will create the perfect playlist.


For the first time, you are in control over your music journey. Nudge the 4 sliders and your playlist will automagically adapt to you.

Going for a run? Push the Tempo and Energy to the max.

Having friends over for dinner? Why not start out with a little Jazz and end with your favourite Disclosure song. 

Want an oldschool hip hop playlist filled with your personal favourites? Move the Era slider and Muru will take care of the rest.



Don't have an iPhone? Check out www.muru.info/playlist